Gates iLok Couplings are simpler, faster, and safer.

No tools required. Disconnects in 2 minutes or less.

Working in harsh environments like mining is dangerous. Especially in underground longwall coal mines, where traditional staple-lock couplings often become corroded and can fuse together, making them exceedingly difficult to service and disconnect. These conditions often result in unsafe practices when workers forcibly pry the couplings apart, endangering employees and equipment alike.

The iLok coupling is simpler, faster, and safer: It requires no tools and disconnects in 2 minutes or less.

Traditional staple lock fittings are prone to breaking and are difficult to remove after prolonged use. When the staple becomes corroded and fuses to the grooves in the fitting, the worker is often forced to resort to dangerous practices to remove the staple with screwdrivers, hammers, or crowbars. On average, it takes 20 to 30 minutes to de-couple a single staple-lock fitting.

Gates iLok can help eliminate 90% of disconnect time and reduce safety risks. It requires no tools and disconnects in 2 minutes or less. No hammers are required to release or install, and when released under pressure the nut continues to retain the load. There is a visual indication of a proper connection, keeping your team safe.
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