Announcing Gates BIRD: Belt Installation + Rotation Device

See how BIRD delivers safe belt installation and inspection.

The Gates Belt Installation + Rotation Device (BIRD) protects equipment operators against pinch points during belt installation and maintenance. While a drive is shut down and locked out, the BIRD safely facilitates a rotational inspection of a drive.

BIRD consists of two powerful, permanent magnets that you apply directly to the sheave or sprocket for safe belt rotation and inspection.

Prior to the launch of the BIRD, personnel would pull on the belt or grab the edges of the sheave or sprocket to turn the drive during belt inspection or installation. Regardless of the care taken, this procedure is inherently dangerous — a split second can lead to a hand, finger, or arm getting pulled into a pinch point.

The BIRD provides maintenance and installation security by reducing the potential for operator hands and fingers getting injured in pinch points and the costly downtime and liability associated with incidents.
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